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PlayDNA at Fallowfields

Fallowfields Country House Hotel

Fallowfields Country House Hotel

The green and romantic setting of Fallowfields Country House Hotel in rural Oxfordshire made for a perfect location to capture a selection of our striking PlayDNA Portraits in situ.

DNA Art Portrait PlayDNA

The award-winning Fallowfields Restaurant

This charming independent hotel, which has won the award for “Best Small Hotel in South East England” not once, but THREE times, also holds a coveted two AA Rosette award for culinary excellence. So where best to start but their award winning restaurant!

Duo DNA Portrait in the Rose Garden

Exploring the peaceful grounds, full of bright and colourful rose bushes, we were reminded what a wonderful wedding gift a PlayDNA Portrait can be, offering newly-weds an entertaining peek into each others genetic make-up. Who has the greater sporting endurance or the better memory? Are you both night owls? Do you both carry a hidden blue eye gene? A much more exciting gift than an expensive tea set we reckon!

Thank you to James, Anthony and Peta for kindly hosting us at Fallowfields – always friendly, always smiling and sure to give you a warm welcome!

-Dr Sam

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PlayDNA at Soulton Hall

A perfect marriage? Duo Chequers and Tuxedo Personal DNA Portrait

Soulton Hall, a magnificent Elizabethan Manor House in the heart of Shropshire, formed the backdrop to one of our recent photoshoots. This historic setting provided a vivid contrast of old versus new, with the modern form of our unique DNA Portraits standing starkly against the ancient buildings that have been home to the Ashton family for nearly 500 years, with a history stretching back to the Bronze age.

A reminder perhaps of what an extraordinary family heirloom a PlayDNA Portrait makes; a piece of bespoke artwork that your descendants will treasure as much as you do, giving as it does a peek into your personal, and heritable, family characteristics.

DNA Art Portrait Sports

The Walled Garden at Soulton Hall provided perfect context for this Oxford blue Sports DNA Portrait

The lush Shropshire countryside really sets off the majestic maroon colour of this Red Velvet Sports Portrait

Thank you to Tim Ashton and his family for inviting us into their beautiful home and allowing us to capture these gorgeous images – we love them!

– Dr Sam

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